Strawberries Passion Overnight Oats Recipe (100g) Strawberries Passion Overnight Oats Recipe (100g) – Fu Kitchen Malaysia
Strawberries overnight oat

Overnight Oats Strawberries Passion (100g)

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strawberries passion overnight oats recipe

Here's Popular Overnight Oats Recipes To Make Your Breakfast or even lunch!Ā šŸ„£

This easy to make overnight oats recipe is a healthy and delicious breakfast that for your busy mornings and comes with many toppings, click to explore this amazing simple breakfast.

About Overnight Oats Strawberries Passion:

Fu Kitchen Malaysia is a Malaysia Overnight Oats Brand that uses only the highest quality & natural selected ingredients to produce this overnight oats.Ā  Try it, you will guarantee satisfy your taste budsĀ šŸ˜‹Ā 

It containsĀ 

  • Organic Roll Oats
  • Organic Tri-Color Quinoa- superfood!Ā 
  • Organic Chia Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Roasted Almond Nuts
  • Roasted Walnuts
  • Natural Dried Raisins
  • Natural Dried Strawberries

**** This item does not come with milk, so you are free to add any milk, soya, yogurt or any liquid of your choice to create the recipe you prefer.

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Fu Kitchen Malaysia's Overnight Oats helpĀ you reap all theĀ health benefitsĀ of oats in this fun grab-and-go breakfast:

    1. šŸ’˜ ItĀ containĀ more protein than most grains
    2. šŸ’˜Ā It'sĀ aĀ rich source of fiber, which helps you feel fuller longerĀ 
    3. šŸ’˜ It'sĀ high in antioxidantsĀ which may help lower blood pressure levels.
    4. šŸ’˜ ItĀ canĀ help you lose weightĀ by making you feel more full and slowing down the emptying of your stomach

This ProductĀ 

  • No PreservativeĀ 
  • PreparedĀ by SiFu (years of experience)
  • Have quality and hygiene certificates
  • Made By Natural Ingredients WITHOUT Alcohol, Muslim Friendly

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overnight oats series

This healthy snacks are so popular & limited in numbers and it's selling FAST!!! Normally will be sold out very soon.

So hurry up andĀ order now while still can....

Direction of use (How to make this overnight oats):


āœ…Open a pack and place all ingredients into a large glass container and mix until combined.

āœ…Then fill up the glass with liquid until the oats are well covered. Recommend liquids: milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, orange juice. Whatever takes your fancy, really.

āœ…Cover the glass container with a lid or plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or overnight.

āœ…Extra toppings can be added the night before or immediately before serving.

āœ…Uncover and enjoy from the glass container after roughly 4 hours (if rush) , if not rush, the next day to enjoy as delicious breakfast.


overnight oats nutrition label

*Due to the fact thatĀ every bag has up to 100g per servingĀ (other brand gives only 30g per serving) , Fu Kitchen Overnight Oats will provide relativelyĀ longer full and jam-packed nutritionĀ that boost all your day.Ā Ā 

Storage Tips:Ā 
1. Avoid exposure to strong smells, as nuts can absorb odors of other materials if exposed for prolonged periods.Ā 
2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.Ā 
3. Store in cool and dry place.Ā 
4. Protect from insects and pests.Ā 

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