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Fu Kitchen Malaysia

CNY Healthy Vinegar Drink Gift Set

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To People Who Want To "Spread" Happiness & Treasures During CNY Festive But Don't Know How....

Get One Of Our CNY Hamper Gift Set To "Bless" 🎉 Your Love Ones, Family & Friends Today!  


the year of tiger

CNY Healthy Vinegar Drink Gift Set

What's inside CNY Healthy Vinegar Gift Set?  

🌸 Rose Vinegar X 2 Bottles
🌸 Rosselle Vinegar X 2 Bottles
🌸 Chrysanthemum Vinegar X 2 Bottles
🌸 Osmanthus Vinegar X 2 Bottles

Do You Know? This CNY Hamper Gift Set Could Be: 

  • Perfect New Year Gift For Friends
  • Perfect New Year Gift For Boyfriend
  • Perfect New Year Gift For Girlfriend
  • Perfect New Year Gift For Parents
  • Perfect New Year Gift For Family
  • Perfect New Year Gift For Corporate
  • Perfect New Year Gift For You, Yes, yourself! 😋

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  • 🧨FREE Delivery!🚚💨West Malaysia Only. 
free cny red envelopes


  • Handmade by dedicated home chefs
  • Have attained quality and hygiene assurance certificates
  • Made By Natural Ingredients WITHOUT Alcohol, Muslim Friendly
  • Halal Certified & MeSTI Certified


 Due to tremendous pre order, Fu CNY New Year Gift Box are limited in numbers, & might be sold out soon, so place your order now!  

CNY Healthy Vinegar Drink Set
Storage Tips: 
1. Avoid exposure to strong smells, as nuts can absorb odors of other materials if exposed for prolonged periods. 
2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. 
3. Store in cool and dry place. 
4. Protect from insects and pests